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Biotech Binary Event Watch Video-Edition May-June 2015

We covered 17 stocks in the most recent edition of the Biotech Binary Event Watch.

NOTE: Scroll down to see the video of our coverage of Synergy Pharmaceuticals.

Synergy Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:SGYP)

One of the stocks that has received a lot of attention recently is Synergy Pharmaceuticals (SGYP).

Short Interest Vs Share Price

Many investors have written to me lately trying to understand why SGYP's share price spiked in April and then dropped back down to the $3.50 range.

In this issue of the Biotech Binary Event Watch I go into detail about how SGYP's capital structure has affected their recent stock performance. The video provides a great overview of the relationship between the short interest and the share price for SGYP ever since the company did their convertible debt financing last year.

What's the Fair Value for SGYP?

Another key question that investors have repeatedly asked is - what is the fair value for SGYP upon a successful phase 3 outcome. We explain our valuation argument in the video (hint - we think SGYP is undervalued).

UPDATE on Synergy 6/17

Synergy just released their phase 3 results. As we expected, Plecanatide showed great efficacy of 19 to 20% and the two doses tested (vs 10.2% for placebo). The huge news though was that the side effect rate of Diarrhea was only 5% to 6% for the two doses tested. We explained in the video why the side effect rate is important - and these results are excellent for SGYP.

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