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Hello, just wondering if anyone knows of the tease? The lucrative secret of… MIRACLE ISLAND (Biotech Revolution in Ireland…3 BioTech Plays) It’s making a small group of American investors into “overnight millionaires.” Here’s how to join them… stid.68366, sid.705884, lid.7, mid.60443 Print this

Michael Robinson has been pitching “Living Metal” again recently, as an add-on to some of his ads for Nova-X Report over the last few weeks, so I thought I’d take another look at it for you. This is no longer the centerpiece of any promo campaigns that I can see, it was mentioned late in […]

Ridiculously huge gains are nothing new in biotech — they may not come easy, but they are sorely tempting… and, unlike with most “boring” companies that have ongoing businesses and have to build and compound to create lasting wealth, they can create fantastical gains almost overnight on the strength of a breakthrough clinical trial result […]

I’ve got a teaser pitch to solve for you, dear Irregulars — it’s from Roger Williams at Wall Street Daily, pitching his True Alpha letter by hinting at the stocks he thinks can double tomorrow in the “Penny Stock Index.” But first, a quick update on Criteo… A couple folks called yesterday’s (perhaps brief) crumpling […]

Criminy, I definitely couldn’t pick three stocks that I think have the absolute best chance of making you rich over the next six months — but that’s the promise from Louis Navellier in the latest ad for his Emerging Growth newsletter. And naturally, he says we have “only 48 hours!” So I guess I’d better […]

[Ed. Note: Dr. KSS writes about medicine and biotech stocks for the Irregulars. He chooses his own topics, and his words and opinions are his own. He has agreed to our trading restrictions. You can see his previous articles here. Enjoy!] Captain’s Log. Stardate 2015.06.09. The Enterprise has received a distress signal from planet Marus […]

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