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Biotech products

Under 'Guide To Unit Operations', three typical production processes are illustrated. From these diagrams, you can go directly to more details of individual unit operations, or to specific details about the Pall® products and technologies that meet biotechnology industry requirements for those steps.

Direct links to unit operations are in the sidebar to the left / right.

The key biopharmaceutical product groups in biotechnology are:

  • Anti-coagulants
  • Blood factors
  • Cytokines
  • Fusion proteins
  • Growth factors
  • Hormones
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Nucleic acids
  • Polysaccharide vaccines
  • Recombinant vaccines
  • Therapeutic enzymes
Products directly extracted from living organisms - so-called 'biologicals' - are covered in the Plasma Fractionation section. Vaccines may be manufactured by biotechnology processes, or using whole organisms. Some small molecules, such as antibiotics, may be synthesized or extracted, or manufactured by microbial culture and are covered in the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) section.

The pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical, cosmetic, nutraceutical and other 'healthcare' industries use a wide variety of molecules, compounds, formulations, extracts, whole cells and more. Information on processing many of these can be found in this and linked sections of the this website. If you are processing something not listed, please contact us today. Manufacturing products for pharmaceutical use requires that finished product must be safe, pure and consistent. Starting from the complexity of living organisms, this means that many separation and purification steps are required for every biotechnology product.

Pall has a long history of producing effective separation products to meet exacting process requirements, and continues to innovate as requirements evolve.

  • The development of integrity tests for high-area filter cartridges allowed pharmaceutical manufacturers to safely use membranes alone for sterilizing drug products
  • Allegro Single-use Systems can be designed with easy-to-use single-use devices such as Kleenpak Sterile Connectors, Kleenpak Sterile Disconnectors and Kleenpak II Sterile Connectors providing sterile interactions throughout a bioprocess.
  • The Allegro MVP single-use system is an innovation in single-use processing. It offers automated control of a range of bioprocessing activities. A truly flexible system, engineered for reliable, robust operation across a range of upstream and downstream processes.
  • New "Next Generation" single-use bioreactor systems that are more reliable and robust in operation, easier to use, promote operational efficiency, and provide higher cell culture performance than first generation systems; truly capturing the productivity and quality benefits of single use technologies.
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