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High-impact journals are more likely to retract papers because they promote risky research behavior.

Two editors from biomedical journals have found that journals with high-impact factors are more likely to publish retractions than those with lower impact factors.

Using the biomedical citation database PubMed, Infection and Immunity editor-in-chief Ferric C. Fang and mBio editor-in-chief Arturo Casadevall developed a “retraction index” by dividing the number of retractions by the number of total articles published by 17 scientific journals between the years 2001 and 2010. The journals selected had a wide selection of impact factors, ranging from 2.00 to 53.484, as calculated by Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports. Fang and Casadevall found a strong correlation between a journal’s retraction index and its impact factor.

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