Brenda Stephenson

Brenda Simmons StephensonSenior Instructor
Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

Brenda is an instructor in the program for Deaf Education. She taught at Tennessee School for the Deaf in Knoxville, Tennessee for twelve years and was the Elementary Principal there for eleven years. She was an adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee for five years prior to becoming a full time faculty member in 1998. Ms. Stephenson teaches courses in language acquisition, curriculum development and supervises the graduate internship. She also teaches an introduction to deaf education course. She is involved in federal grant work that includes other colleges and universities that have pre-service teacher preparation programs.

Interesting facts
Vintage Photo of HENRY STEPHENSON, BRENDA JOYCE "Little Old New York" (1560901)
Entertainment Memorabilia
  • Size (inches): 8x10
  • Date (approx): 1940
  • CGC Grade: Not Graded
  • Photographer: Unknown
Tarzan and the Amazons Movie Poster (14 x 36 Inches - 36cm x 92cm) (1945) Insert -(Johnny Weissmuller)(Brenda Joyce)(Johnny Sheffield)(Henry Stephenson Maria Ouspenskaya)(Barton MacLane)(Donald Douglas)
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  • Tarzan and the Amazons Poster (14 x 36 Inches - 36cm x 92cm) Insert
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