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AIIMS Biotechnology b Tech

Bio technology is a fast emerging discipline which combines biology and technology together. Advanced research in the field of biotechnology has made it a growing research field. One needs to have thorough knowledge about this field before entering into any course in biotechnology field. B.Tech courses are now offered by premier institutes in our country .Biotechnology companies like Biocon are doing extremely well in India.

Eligibility for Biotechnology course after 12th

Candidates having Physics, Chemistry and Biology can take up this course after completing their 12th standard. For doing B.Tech in biotechnology, Mathematics is also required as a subject. This holds true for various B.Tech courses offered by the Indian Institutes of Technology‘s (IITs) and even by Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

Preparing for the biotechnology course

Only those people who have a strong desire to do research in biotechnology field need take up these courses. A strong foundation in Physics, chemistry and Biology are required for these courses. Since the IITs are also offering UG courses the field has seen dramatic rise in standards.

List of courses

The courses available in this stream are as follows:

  • B.E. Biotechnology
  • B.Sc Biotechnology
  • B.Sc. Biotechnology and bioinformatics
  • B.Tech industrial biotechnology
  • Diploma in biotechnology

List of biotechnology entrance exams

  • AIIMS biotechnology entrance exam
  • Amity Institute of biotechnology entrance exam
  • Anna University biotechnology entrance exam
  • Christian Medical College entrance exam
  • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology Chennai
  • University of Madras Biotechnology entrance exam

Reference books for students for biotechnology courses after 12th

The reference books are mainly the standard textbooks for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics (for B.Tech in biotech).Also advanced level books can also be referred to.

Scope of biotechnology courses

Biotechnology students are most sought after in various diverse fields like:

  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Food and drugs industry
  • Chemical industries
  • Research in genetics
  • Research in molecular biology
  • Clinical research
  • Biotechnology firms

Coaching centers for the Biotechnology course after 12th

Many coaching centres are now available which can prepare students for a career in biotechnology. Brilliant tutorial is one of them. These coaching centers prepare candidates for a prestigious entrance examination like the IITs and AIIMS. For the top most institutes the competition is intense. Correspondence level courses are also available from some institutes. These institutes also provide career guidance and counseling to these students, who have opted for biotechnology as their career. This will further boost the confidence of these aspirants.

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