Engg Mechnics 2012 END SEM

Biotechnology 3 SEM Syllabus

Lecture hours: 4 hours/week
No. of credits: 4
A i m s and Objecti v e s : The course offers a comprehensive understanding in an
area that includes certain applied frontier areas of biological science. The topics
introduce both basic concepts as well as applied aspects. At the end of the course
the student should develop a clear idea regarding the fundamentals responsible for
heredity and also the various methods of manipulating these factors for human
Section A – GENETICS (36 hours)
Unit I. Introduction: Short account of alleles (wild and mutant), homozygosity,
heterozygosity, back cross and test cross. ( 01 hr)
Unit II. Interaction of genes. Allelic and non-allelic interactions.
Supplementary factors – 9:3:3:1, comb pattern in fowl.
Dominant epistasis – 1:3:3, plumage colour in fowl
Recessive epistasis – 9:3:4, coat colour in pigs.
Polygenic inheritance – skin colour in man.
Lethal genes – coat colour in mice. (05 hrs)
Unit III. Multiple allelism. Inheritance of coat colour in rabbits. Genetics of A B
O blood groups and Rh factor in man. Mention other groups such as M, N, MN
and Bombay group. Erythroblastosis foetalis. Genetic problems involving blood
groups. (06 hrs)
Unit IV. Linkage and Crossing Over. Linkage groups. Complete and incomplete
linkage. Disruption of linkage through crossing over and recombination. Factors
affecting crossing over. Significance of crossing over. 3-point test cross and
construction of linkage map in drosophila. (05 hrs)
Unit V. Sex Determination. Autosomes and sex chromosomes. Male heterogamy
and female heterogamy. Role of Y chromosome in humans, mention SRY gene.
Sex determination in drosophila. Genic balance theory of Bridges. Barr bodies,
Lyon’s hypothesis; evidences for X chromosome inactivation. Gynandromorphism
and sex mosaics. Hormonal and environmental influence on sex determination.
(08 hrs)
Unit VI. Mutation. Mutation theory of De Vries; types of mutations; molecular
basis of gene mutations. Mutagens, natural and induced mutations. Significance of
Chromosomal aberrations – structural and numerical. (08 hrs)
Unit VII. Cytoplasmic inheritance. General characteristics, example: shell coiling
in Limnaea and kappa particles in paramecium. ( 03 hrs)
Unit I. The concept of gene. Regulatory and housekeeping genes; cistron, muton,
recon; split gene, jumping gene and overlapping gene. (02 hrs)

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