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Biotechnology after b Tech

After B.E/B.Tech in Biotechnology, there are various graduate programs you can opt for based on your interest. Under Grad would have given you faint idea about almost every aspect of Biotechnology. So choose one and go ahead.

Now, countries providing very good graduate courses for BT are-
1. USA
2. Germany
3. Australia
US and Germany are good for research based subjects like Cell Biology, Immunology, Agricultural Engineering, Bioengineering, Bioenergy and many more whereas Australia is known for Food Biotechnology.

Once you have chosen your subject of interest and the country you would want to study in, the basic requirement for MS is
1. GRE
2. TOEFL/IELTS (For countries where English is not widely spoken. Though English is an Indian Official Language, these tests are necessary for us. Few universities consider India as English speaking country so they won't require this test score like University of Florida. So check up before sending scores.)

One more important thing- Before appearing for both tests, have a fair idea as to which Universities would you be applying. Generally people apply around 8-10 universities. University selection is also based on your Test scores but then having a fair idea of atleast 4 Universities would be useful because after your exam (in case of TOEFL) and after you view your scores (in case of GRE), you get a chance to send your score for free to four universities. Later, you'll have to pay $27 for GRE and $19 for TOEFL scores.

Next, there is an option of PSM concentration for few subjects. PSM, Professional Science Masters, is a degree where you learn science as well as management skills. It is a non-thesis program with internship where you'll have your core subjects as well as subjects concerning workplace skills. The degree you get is still MS but the conc. would be PSM.

Now, coming to your question.. As I stated above, there are various programs to choose from. As our under grad Major is such a vast subject, we have variety of choices. We can either take up
1. Engineering subjects like Bioengineering, Agricultural Engineering, Biological Engineering, Biomanufacturing and Bioprocessing, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering etc or
2. Life Science subjects like Cell and Mol Biology, Biochemistry, Food Science, Microbiology, Molecular Virology etc or
3. Health Sciences subjects like Immunology, Nutrition, Pharmacy

It all depends on your interest. Remember, this will be an important choice as it'll decide your career path, hence choose wisely.
If you plan to come back to India, my suggestion is to work for few years after your MS before coming back.

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