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To date, there are 224 BioNexus-status companies. Mohd Nazlee saidThere have been many people who have been saying that there are no jobs in Malaysia for biotechnology graduates. While this

may be partly true, Malaysia has some development as described in the article below. I would personally recommend to students who have a passion for biotechnology not to give up their dreams but to pursue a biotechnology degree course at a reputable university in Malaysia with excellent facilities such as UCSI University or Nilai University and then go on to the Masters in Singapore.

Singapore is very established in their biotechnology with the setting up of Biopolis. To work in the biotechnology field, students must go for at least a Master degree and go for the Ph.D if possible.

EduSpiral picked us up from KL Sentral to tour the universities in KL. They provided in depth information which helped me make the right decision for my career. Wen Hao, Biotechnology at UCSI UniversityBiotechnology has been identified as an integral part of Malaysia’s plan to accelerate the nation’s transformation into an innovation-driven, knowledge-based economy, said Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Datuk Dr Ewon Ebin. He said the government had implemented the Bioeconomy Transformation Programme or BTP in its efforts to enhance and complement the National Biotechnology Policy.

The Malaysian Biotechnology Corp Sdn Bhd (BiotechCorp) is confident that BioNexus-status companies will achieve a combined revenue of RM3 billion by the end this year, as most launch their products for sale in the market, said its CEO Datuk Dr Mohd Nazlee Kamal.Top biotech research at Biopolis Singapore Last year, the total revenue of BioNexus companies was RM1.1 billion, with many of their products still in the market strategy stage of commercialisation. “Our companies are now producing more products and getting their products into the market.

BiotechCorp targets to attract close to RM3 billion of investments in Malaysia’s biotechnology sector this year, exceeding its initial target of RM1.7 billion. To date, he said close to RM2 billion worth of investments have been clinched, with the bulk of it coming from the US, Japan and France as well as locally.

Bio-XCell, a 160-acre biotechnology park at Nusajaya housed in the Iskandar region of Johor, Malaysia.The development has already received anchor tenants such as Agila and Biocon from India, MetEx from France and Glycos Biotechnologies from the U.S.A. A premier biotechnology park and ecosystem facility; Bio-XCell will position Malaysia as a world leading biotech location; focusing in building bio-economy together with the Asia Pacific’s market connecting to the international market.

Phillip Yeo Dr. Alan Coleman, who cloned Dolly the sheep Novartis at Biopolis Fusionopolis
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find jobs in malaysia
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search jobs in malaysia
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