Biotechnology Jobs in India

Biotechnology is that branch of science with amalgamates biology and technology in order to derive productive results from biological organisms through technological applications. Although modern technology is relatively a newer field of study, the element of biotechnology has been profound in many forms of traditional practices by man. This includes production of vinegar, alcoholic beverages, yogurt, cheese and many more. The understanding and application of biotechnology adds great value to various aspects of life. Biotechnology can be used as an effective tool for food production, food storing, environmental conservation and preservation, development of important life saving drugs and vaccines etc and many more. It involves production of newer and viable products or developing older products into cheaper and more effecting forms. With the value addition of biotechnology, today it engulfs many disciplines of science and technology. They include:

  • Stem cell techniques
  • Gene Therapy
  • Immuno-technologies
  • Tissue culture
  • Enzyme engineering
  • Biosensor
  • Bioremediation
  • Photosynthetic efficiency

Not to forget, Biotechnology’s valuable contribution in the Peptide synthesis, Rational drug design, Plant-based drugs, DNA vaccines Nutraceuticals, Cloning technologies, Organ transplantation, Latest drug-delivery systems, and, Nanobiotechnology etc. has given it a special place.

Today the essence of biotechnology is most prominent in the field of genetic researches and drug designing. However, it is being effectively being used for conservation of natural resources and developing newer sources of alternative energy as well.

Indian sub-continent is known to house one of the world’s largest bio. The Scope of Biotechnology in India is thus very wide. Diverse marine systems, topography, abundance of sunshine, cost effective infrastructure and skilled manpower, altogether form a suitable laboratory and experimenters for research and development of Biotechnology in India. As Biotechnology is a newer field of study, there are several problems in this area. But, the future of Biotechnology in India is very bright.

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