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Biotechnology News articles

Over the years, AgBioWorld has compiled informative news articles, reports and other information on agricultural biotechnology, especially in developing countries. AgBioWorld contributors have also written articles, factsheets and op-eds.

Please explore the links below. For more recent articles, be sure to take a look at the AgBioView Archives.

Interviews with C.S. Prakash
AgBioworld's president and founder speaks to newspapers from around the world.

C.S. Prakash News and Media Quotes
Newspaper articles and other media sources that prominently quote Dr. C.S. Prakash.

Factsheets, Q&As, articles and op-eds by AgBioWorld contributors.

A collection of pertinent news articles, reports and op-eds on agricultural biotechnology.

Religious, moral and ethical perspectives on food biotechnology; a collected of articles and postings from the AgBioView Newsletter.

For journalists who would like more information on ag-biotech issues, a list of scientists, their contact information and their areas of expertise.

Press releases from AgBioWorld dating back to its birth in January, 2000.

News and information on "Golden RIce, " including some by its co-inventor Ingo Potrykus.

Articles and information specifically about the role agricultural biotechnology may play in the future of developing countries.

Articles, photos and interviews with Norman Borlaug, the "Father of the Green Revolution."

Ag-biotech news articles in the Spanish lanugage.

Interesting facts
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Tiens And Chang Gung Biotechnology Corp NEWS
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