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Biotechnology PPT Middle School

Keeping middle school students interested in science can be a challenge. The latest life science area, Biotechnology, is fairly new for middle school students as well as their teachers. Biotechnology is much more than DNA fingerprinting and profiling that is portrayed on television. For years agriculture has practiced selective breeding in plants and animals. They continue to use biotechnology to improve crop and animal production. The fashion and food industries as well as the medical field rely on biotechnology for improved quality.

In order to build an understanding of biotechnology the student must delve into the cellular level of organisms. This correlates with the National Science Education Content Standards for Middle School.

Standard C: Life Sciences

Life functions in cells and the biological diversity and adaptation of organisms (DNA, enzymes, proteins)
Characteristics of an organism resulting from inheritance and interactions with the environment (Amylase, Cheese)

Standard G: History and Nature of Science

Science as a human endeavor, the people engaged in science and the ways they work
Importance of experimentation and observational confirmation in testing and changing ideas in science

Standard A: Science as Inquiry

(Oklahoma PASS Process Skills)
Develop descriptions, explanations, predictions, and models using evidence
Value and practice skepticism, questioning, evaluation, and suggesting alternatives in making scientific advances
Ask questions that can be answered through scientific investigations
Communicate scientific procedures and explanations

We offer six ‘pre-biotechnology’ labs for middle school classrooms, appropriate for grades 6-8. These labs provide students with a framework to develop inquiry about biotechnology and the science that affects their daily lives while meeting the science process skills from the Oklahoma Department of Education and NSES.

NEW - A Middle School Experience with Clinical Trials - The Scientific Method in Action

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