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Biotechnology offers many different types of science careers.Biotechnology offers many different types of science careers.

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Biotechnology uses the biological processes in the cells of living beings to create products that range from new medications to sugar cane fuel for cars. People planning to become biotechnology scientists must first choose a particular biotech profession before they begin to research starting salaries, as pay varies depending on the biotech career they enter.

Growth of Biotech Industry Careers

Biotechnology originated in Egypt around 2500 B.C.E., when Egyptians made wine and different types of bread using fermentation techniques. The modern biotechnology industry has expanded beyond its original large scale agricultural practices to include include laboratory techniques that allow scientists to engage in microscopic manipulation of biological processes. For example, scientists now can move molecules controlling a particular hereditary trait from one type of plant or animal to another type, creating products such as plants that are more resistant to insects. As the industry has grown, it has generated many biotechnology science niches, including careers as a biomedical scientist, a geneticist, a biomedical engineer, a plant breeder and numerous other jobs, each with its own education, training and starting salaries.

Salary Research Easier for Established Careers

Some biotechnology science careers are clearly defined, so their starting salary figures are relatively easy to find. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks salary figures for biomedical engineers, who design medical devices, hospital equipment, drugs, software and instruments. Biomedical engineering in the United States became an established profession with a precise educational path and set of tasks during the 1960s, so the BLS had no difficulty in determining that biomedical engineers earned an average yearly salary of $86, 960 in 2012. The BLS found that the lowest-paid biomedical engineers - likely to be new graduates of biomedical engineering bachelor's degree programs receiving starting salaries - earned $52, 600 per year in 2012.

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