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Biotechnology scientists

Most biotechnology research scientists work in a laboratory conducting experiments in the field of biotechnology, which looks to incorporate the unique characteristics of nature to invent or propose a product that can (for example) further crop growth, preserve food with greater safety, and possibly create a better pharmaceutical drug.

Biotechnology researchers normally work for large industries, although positions do exist in governmental and nonprofit sectors. At many organizations, there is commonly a senior researcher that manages all the work of the research team on a project. Biotechnology researchers typically must be familiar with tools such as electron microscopes, computer-based analytical software, and possibly even research with live animals.

Biotechnology research scientists typically must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in biotechnology, biochemistry, or a related field. A higher-level degree in these fields may be required. These scientists frequently work long hours, which may be sporadic depending on the research project or experiment's needs. Typically, researchers work with peers, combining their resources and knowledge on a project.

Research Scientist, Biotechnology Tasks

  • Focus on areas that affect vital processes such as growth and aging.
  • Determine chemical actions and effects on organisms such as the action of foods, drugs, or other substances on body functions and tissues.
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Biotechnology - Medical Scientists
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