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Biotechnology Technician salary

The growth of the biotechnology industry means that students don't need a Ph.D or masters degree to enter the field. Many Biotechnology Laboratory Technicians have an Associates degree or certificate and are an extremely important, and growing portion of the biotechnology job market.

The biotechnology laboratory technician's primary responsibility is to assist other scientists and the tasks that they perform vary greatly. Laboratory technicians may monitor and set up instruments, check on and record test results and other basic tasks. In manufacturing settings, they often are in charge of monitoring parts of the process for quality and accuracy.

Career Outlook:

The US Department of labor projects Science Technicians in general to grow at 12% through 2016, the average rate of growth. However, they expect much of this growth to be driven by Biotechnology Lab Technicians. This means that employment in this field will grow faster than the national average for other professions.

Salary Information

Median Salary, BLS:

$39, 750 USD

Avg. Salary, Simply Hired:

$29, 000 USD

Salary Information from SimplyHired:

Getting The Job

Education Information:

In addition to the degrees mentioned, biology degrees will also qualify graduates for this position.

This career requires a high degree of organization and good attention to detail. It is very important that laboratory instruments and equipment be set up correctly, and that results are recorded accurately.

At some companies Biotechnology Laboratory Technicians are given additional responsibility and are asked to adjust experiments to maximize effectiveness and develop solutions to laboratory problems. In these situations, solid problem solving skills will also be needed.

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