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Pasteurisation Beverages are heated to prevent spoiling and to kill bacteria.
The flavor is still there.
This is important because it's the first sign of making food healthy but still keeping it tasty. This is the beggining of a trend.
Tobbacco Plant A tobbacco plant is genetically modified. It now resists viruses.
This is important because it's the first time a crop is genetically modified. This begins genetic modification.
Potatoes Genes are added to potato plants to add protein and increase their nutritional value.
This is important because food is being genetically modified to be healthier for the first time. This is pushing the trend started by pastuerisation.
GM Cows The first GM dairy cow is modifies for the prodution of human milk proteins for infant formula.
This is important because orphaned newborns who should still be drinking their mother's milk will now be better taken care of. This can help society.
FlavrSavr Tomatoes The FlavrSavr tomato recieved US Food and Drug Administration approval.
This is important because GM food is being recognized for the first time in the US. It shows that GM food os becoming more common.
Planting Genetically Modified Foods 40 million hectacres of GM foods are planted globally.
This is important because it shows how common GM foods are becoming worldwide. 40 million hectacres is a lot of GM food.
Rice The DNA of rice is sequenced. This is the first crop that has had its genome decoded.
This is important because it is a major step in adding more modifications to GM foods. GM foods can now become even more modified.
Beef Reserchers use gene mapping techniques to identify genes for tenderness and toughness in beef, allowing breeders to select stocks containg the "tender" gene.
This is important because it shows how people eat GM foods all the time at resuraunts. (They probably don't even know it.) The resturaunts most likely don't tell anyone that their food is genetically modified.
Increase in GM Foods Researchers test flood tolerant rice, and identify a gene that increases the protien, iron, and zinc content of wheat kernels. GM rice is approved for eating in the US. Herbicide-tolerant GM alfalfa grown in the US. GM grape vines are tested in South Africa.
This is important because it shows how popular GM foods are quickly becoming. GM food is quickly becoming worldwide.
Chicken Eggs that Fight Cancer Scottish researchers genetically modify chickens to lay eggs capable of producing drugs that fight cancer and other life-threatening diseases.
This is important because it shows what sort of things GM foods are capable of. If chicken eggs can fight cancer, soon we will be able to cure cancer by genetic modification.
Supershakes There will be tasty milkshakes that have all the nutritions needed for one day.
This will happen because people want tasty, healthy food. These milkshakes will be healthy and yummy.
Future Food ALL of the food will be genetically modified.
This will happen because GM foods are healthier, tastier, and cheaper for the producers than conventional food is. They seem so much better, so they will take over.
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