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MD Anderson is known for providing cancer patients with exceptional care, which includes early access to innovative new treatments through clinical trials. The Institute for Applied Cancer Science (IACS) is a new hybrid model that uniquely combines the drug discovery capabilities of the biopharmaceutical industry and the extensive knowledge of biology found in academia with the expertise of MD Anderson's top clinicians. IACS has the singular goal of rapidly developing novel, effective and safe therapeutics that improve patient health. IACS executes programs with the highest probability of clinical success in a rigorous, goal-oriented, data-driven manner. We are seeking a highly motivated and team-oriented individual to join our in vitro Pharmacology group to support our fast-paced drug discovery programs.


  1. Responsible for the development, optimization, validation, implementation, and execution of biochemical and biophysical assays for medium and high-throughput screening to support target validation and lead optimization in small molecule drug discovery projects
  2. Implement novel in vitro screening strategies; plan and execute screening and counter screening funnels for drug discovery programs
  3. Fully characterize mechanism of action and kinetics of lead molecules using biochemical and biophysical techniques
  4. Monitor assay quality and troubleshoot issues with assay performance
  5. Contribute to project teams through lab-based activities
  6. Interact closely with other biologists and medicinal chemists on discovery-based project teams
  7. Transfer assays to collaborators as appropriate
  8. Work closely with research teams to identify and recommend opportunities leading to scientific discovery and clinical therapeutic drug development
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