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This is my first address on this website. Let me first wish all of you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year. This is the beginning of a new decade also. The last year saw many ups and downs in the economy, politics, government, industries, education, etc in our country and world at large. The new year is always welcomed with a new hope and we start the new year day with celebration and enthusiasm. Some people start the day with a prayer, some with exchanging the greetings to others, a few make resolutions for the coming year. I thought I will start it with a warm greetings to all, especially my colleagues and staff, our associates, clients, student community with which I had been passionately associated for years, our well-wishers, colleges and universities which had been always encouraging me and inviting me to be their chief guest or speaker or included me as a member of board of studies, mentor for their Technology Business Incubators or advisor or had collaborated with us in workshops and to my fellow countrymen and the brothers and sisters around the world.

Though due to limited resources and many problems, we had a slow progress in the last few years, our efforts had never been less. My dream of seeing our country as the Biotechnology Hub of the world is no doubt a larger vision and mission. This cannot be achieved by and individual or a small group is apparent. However, if all of us do not work tirelessly and contribute our bits and pieces to this great mission, things will have to wait for long.

Many biotechnology students find it difficult to get jobs when they just come out of the academics without any experience. Industries have their own reservations and fears in the recruitment and the educational institutions thrive to do something but there were no great breaks. I had been talking for a while on Industry- Institution collaborations to take an aggressive attempts to achieve this, though many such ideas exist only on paper. We are happy that last year we had...

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