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The future of industrial bioprocessing: Batch or continuous?

By Matthew Croughan, Konstantin Konstantinov and Charles Cooney

Matthew Croughan "Continuous Bioprocessing for Certain Scenarios"

Konstantin Konstantinov and Charles Cooney "Integrated Continuous Bioprocessing—should we close down our existing batch facilities?"

In the newest B&B Viewpoint, three pioneers of industrial bioprocessing discuss the future of the field. Will the batch or continuous bioprocessing platform dominate biomanufacturing of human therapeutics down the road? Matthew Croughan, an expert in fed-batch bioprocessing, offers his opinion on this topic in Continuous Bioprocessing for Certain Scenarios while Konstantin Konstantinov and Charles Cooney, experts of continuous bioprocessing, offer theirs in

Interesting facts
Aldon Corporation Innovating Science IS3709 AP Biology Investigation #9 - Biotechnology: Restriction Enzyme Analysis of DNA
BISS (Aldon Corporation)
  • Students will perform the electrophoresis process on DNA samples treated with different restriction enzymes and construct a standard curve using a known DNA sample
  • While performing the process they will also determine the approximate size of the DNA fragments in the unknown samples
  • Materials provided for eight lab groups
  • Meets AP Science Practices 3 and 6, and Big Idea 3
Coordinated framework for regulation of biotechnology : hearing before the Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight and the Subcommittee on Natural Resources, Agriculture Research, and Environment and the Subcommittee on Science, Research, and Technology of the Committee on Science and Technology, House of Representatives, Ninety-ninth Congress, second session, July 23, 1986.
Book (U.S. G.P.O.For sale by the Supt. of Docs., Congressional Sales Office, U.S. G.P.O.)
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