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J Biotechnology Biomedicine

Why a new medical journal? Why especially this new journal? What are its ambitions? What audience can it reach? Specialists, generalists or both simultaneously? It is intended to be a link between the international scientific community, in particular within the fields of life science and its technological application.

There is undoubtedly a niche to be occupied, an important role to be played to better link this community. I am delighted by the initiative taken by the promoters of this journal, who had the courage to enter the competitive field of scientific journals and to launch an exciting intellectual adventure.

For my part, I would like to briefly broach some medical questions that are dear to me, and that are sufficiently general to be the subject of an editorial.

Where indeed is medical practice going and what does the medicine of tomorrow hold for us? We have watched, amazed, the fantastic advances that are progressively entering current medical practice. The revolution we have witnessed has names, in particular: vaccination, developed by Pasteur, which still has new fields to conquer (until now there is no vaccine against malaria or against AIDS!). There is also antibiotic therapy, exploited to full advantage but beginning to run out of steam, showing its limitations because of the rapid rise of resistant microorganisms. It is only a few decades since developments in immunology have allowed the transplantation of organs or bone marrow. Transplantation—an old dream of humanity finally realized—whose successes themselves have led to many disappointments among the very many patients on the waiting lists, because of the shortage of the organs to be transplanted. It is nevertheless admirable that, in the whole world, 6 million individuals are ready to give their marrow to save patients, in particular those with leukemia. To this list of successes we should add the many victories in oncology due to improved monitoring of tumorigenic agents? And finally, we must not forget the methods of biological investigation and medical imaging, which have seen great improvements recently.

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