Marine Biotechnology Research

badenlab2009Nearly 50% of pharmaceuticals produced today are either natural products or derived from natural products. Almost all of these are derived from land-based organisms. In the search for new chemical structures possessing important biological activity, we have turned to culturable marine organisms as the source for natural product cultivation.

What is Marine Biotechnology?

Marine biotechnology is the use of marine organisms, at the whole cell or molecular level, to provide products, technologies and processes that will benefit society.

Scope of Marine Biotechnology

  • Global Market Value of marine biotechnology was $2.4 billion in 2002, one-third of which was in the United States.
  • Predicted growth rate of marine biotechnology is greater than 5.9% annually
  • Involves many industry sectors: healthcare to bioremediation to cosmetics to nutraceuticals
  • International efforts are found in several countries, including: Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain and U.K.
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