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The guide for authors and the editorial policies, including the guide for referees, are available in PDF format.

Presubmission inquiries

Researchers may request informal feedback from the editors on the journal's interest in a particular manuscript under preparation. A short 'presubmission inquiry' can be sent through the online submission system. Researchers should include a letter explaining the major question addressed by the work, the methodologies used to gather the data, the interest to a broad scientific readership, the new results and why they are significant. If an abstract is available, this should also be included. If authors have already written the manuscript, they are encouraged to submit it in its entirety via the online submission system.

Editors will express interest in presubmission inquires on the basis of the information provided by the authors. In cases where editors decline a full submission, authors are still free to submit through our online submission system so that editors have an opportunity to evaluate the paper in full. Papers invited after a presubmission inquiry may be rejected without review once the editors have had a chance to consider the paper in its entirety.

Initial submission

Papers should be submitted via the online submission system. Each new submission is assigned to a primary editor, who reads the paper, consults with the other editors, and decides whether it should be sent for peer review. Many papers describing solid studies of interest to those in the field are nonetheless judged to be unlikely to compete successfully with the best work submitted to the journal.

Like other journals in the Nature family, Nature Biotechnology has no external editorial board. However, if a paper's importance within the field is unclear, an editor may request advice from outside experts in deciding whether to review it. The novelty of a submitted paper is considered to be compromised if it has significant conceptual overlap with a published paper or one accepted for publication by . Preprint archives do not compromise novelty.

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