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Thank you for your interest in the Xytex sperm donor programs in Atlanta, Georgia, Augusta, Georgia, and our new site in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We hope the information on our site answers most of your questions about Xytex and being a sperm donor. If you live within reasonable driving distance of any of our office locations, and are interested in the Xytex donor program, click here to fill out the questionnaire.

Why Donate
Every year, approximately 75, 000 American children are born as a result of donor insemination (DI). Those inseminations are performed by physicians when male factor infertility prevents a couple from conceiving with the husband's sperm, or when women decide to have a child on their own.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the United States (millions worldwide) want to have children, but cannot. Xytex provides them a viable option for realizing their dreams of a family. Donors are compensated for their participation. Xytex compensates donors for their samples after they have completed the qualification process. The qualification process in itself usually requires around six weeks. In order to maintain an adequate inventory level on you, a years’ supply is required. Xytex encourages donors to donate at least once a week. The majority of donors need a 72-hour period of abstinence to yield consistently acceptable semen samples.

Donor Confidentiality
Xytex takes great care to protect your privacy. Our donor and patient agreements clearly protect and release donors from any obligations and rights to any child that results from the donor's participation in our donor program. No identifying information is released to patients or offspring without your express consent and participation in the Identity Disclosure program.

Donor Information Services
Xytex provides physical, medical, and social information about a donor to the patient. Donors are described by basic physical traits (hair and eye color, height, weight, race, ethnic origin, skin tone, and blood type), social traits (education, occupation, hobbies, special interests and skills), and medical histories on him and his family. Donors provide a personal essay and physical and social information about his family.

In 1994, Xytex was the first reproductive tissue bank to introduce photographs of its donors. Donors must provide a childhood photograph to be shown to clients selecting a donor. Donors may additionally volunteer to participate in the adult photo program.

Donor Requirements
To qualify as a donor, you must be between the ages of 18 and 38, live in the general area of a Xytex office, have an acceptable medical history, have high quality semen samples, and be able to pass rigorous psychological and genetic screenings. Some tests require a sample of urine or blood. In addition, you must be able to provide a four generation medical history of you and your blood relatives. Also, at the present time you must be willing to either participate in our Identity Disclosure program or submit an adult photo.

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