NY sperm bank

Welcome to the New York branch of our sperm bank!

Living in New York and interested in becoming a sperm donor? California Cryobank's New York office is conveniently located on Lexington Avenue one block south of Grand Central Station. Established in 2009, it is one of our newest locations. Housed in an elegant, non-descript building in midtown Manhattan, it boasts a cool office, state-of-the-art laboratory, and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

It is also an easy distance to NYU and accessible from many of the other colleges in the area, including Columbia, Fordham, Rutgers, Pace, The New School, Cornell, Yeshiva University, School of Visual Arts, and City University of NY.

We are always looking for healthy, smart, well-rounded guys for our sperm donor program. You get great benefits and will be helping provide wonderful people with a safe and healthy way to start their families. You can earn $125/donation, and donate up to 3 times per week (as much as $1, 500/mo.) once qualified.

Interested in becoming a sperm donor for California Cryobank?

Simply fill out the online application to get started today. Our branch contact hours are 8am-5pm ET. We are open for regular donations 8am-2:30pm ET. Donor program applicant hours are by appointment only.

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