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The Research & Experimentation Tax Credit or the R&D Tax Credit is a general business tax credit for companies that are incurring R&D expenses in the United States. Fore more detailed information about this tax credit, please check out information from the IRS website.

The R&D Credit has been part of the Internal Revenue Code since 1981; however, a large number of companies have not taken advantage of this provision. In the past, the rules were very confusing. It was hard to determine who qualified, let alone which products or processes might qualify. While the rules are still complex, a company may be able to claim the credit providing that they are conducting research in the US, and if they meet the four following criteria.

Four Part R&D Credit Test:
Permitted Purpose
The activity must result in a new or improved process, function, product, performance, reliability, quality, or significant reduction in cost. Probably the most common type of activity overlooked by companies regarding these specific criteria involves significant improvements made to production-line operations. A very common example of this sort of improvement would be the updating of production-line capabilities by a manufacturer that ultimately improved efficiency, increased production capacity, and eventually yielded an overall reduction in costs. An example of this type of activity would be a company that manufactures heavy equipment, and relied upon a labor-intensive approach to production. If that company were to implement improvements in its manufacturing process, by way of automation or some other means that required investment in new equipment for the plant floor, then it’s very possible that the costs associated with the implementation of the new production process could be eligible for the R&D tax credit.

Elimination of Uncertainty

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