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Online Genetics degree Programs

Find out more about genetics - what makes organic entities function, develop and reproduce - through online genetics courses or a degree program. Learn what kind of classes are available and through what degree programs they may be offered. Get details about course and program costs, too. Schools offering .

Where Can I Find Genetics Courses Online?

Several universities offer courses in genetics and biological sciences through distance learning. You can enroll in individual classes to learn about genetics, or you can participate in an entire degree program. Some colleges post lecture videos online, where you can access them for no charge. The Education Development Center also provides free genetic education through its Genetics Web Lab ( Online modules include:

  • Genetic counseling
  • DNA fingerprinting
  • Incomplete dominance and codominance
  • Exploring evolution
  • Natural selection
  • How does DNA work?

What Type of Degree Can I Earn?

Generally, both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in genetics require at least partial on-campus or on-site education and training. However, some colleges and universities allow you to participate in courses through distance learning and perform lab work or internships at the school or affiliated learning center. You can find bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs with coursework available online.

What Online Courses Can I Take in Genetics?

Depending on your area of interest, you can find human, animal and plant genetics courses online. If you choose to pursue a degree, most online courses allow you to obtain college credit. Some examples of Web-based courses include:

  • Molecular genetics and gene control
  • Genetic technology and improvement
  • Cellular biology and genetic engineering
  • Evolution of plant and animal genetics
  • Reading and modifying genetic code
  • DNA, RNA and cell structure
  • Meiosis and organic reproduction
  • Genetic diseases and complex gene structure

How Much Do Online Courses and Degree Programs in Genetics Cost?

Individual courses may cost you more overall than full tuition, if you plan on earning a degree. Depending on the school you enroll at, charges for online courses may be based on the course or by the credit hour. Rates fluctuate anywhere from around $100 to over $1, 000 per class. You may be able to find tuition-free online courses in certain states.

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