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Over the years, we have provided our clients various means of marketing their semen. All seemed to be obsolete when completed. Any printed copy went out of date the second the ink was dry- there was always a new hot bull that should be in it. With today's technology, however, we believe we have the right medium. Bulls can be added and deleted within a matter of minutes. Prices can be changed easily. And most importantly, the buyer gets to purchase the semen immediately, and without the middleman. We provide all the bulls information, and a means to click to buy. The buyer gives us a call so we can set up shipping, and we send the seller a check. We are very excited to offer this service, as we feel it best serves our clients, and their clients needs in an easy transaction.

Do you have semen you would like featured on our website? If so, the process is easy. Send us information on your bull- name, pedigree, breed, date of birth. Add in a description if you would like, highlighting anything special about the bull's performance. Send us a digital image of the bull- or multiple pictures. We will send you over a form to fill out, and just like that, the bull will be featured for semen sales.

Do you want to buy semen from one of our featured bulls? The process couldn't be easier. Go to the Semen Sales portion of our website, and select the breed you are interested in. Check out their breeding and their performance. Once you select what semen you would like, add the number of straws you would like to your online basket. Once you check out, give our office a holler to set up the shipping. Since this is such a perishable item, we will not ship it until you tell us to. If you have an account with us and would like to just move the inventory to your account, just let us know.

Some of the bulls have notes for international sales, or for volume discounts, if one of these options is what you need, simply call our office and we will let you know what the specifics are.

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Semen Cuscutae Extract ★★★20:1 CONCENTRATION★★★ Powder (16oz - 454gm) Cuscuta seed, Chinese Dodder seed, Tusizi, Tu Si Zi, Shen Nong Ben, Cao Jing. Kidney Jing & Qi Restorative Herb! Chinese Medicine Herbs!
Health and Beauty (VitaJing)
  • 20:1 CONCENTRATION 20:1 Extract means 20kg Raw Powder = 1kg of our EXTRACT Powder!
  • ★Liver, Kidney, Spleen Meridians ★Replenishes Jing and Qi
  • ★Anti-Aging, Longevity Herb!
  • ★Bulk Powder Allows for EFFECTIVE DOSE = MUCH BETTER Results than Tincture, Pills or Tablets
SEMEN FOR SALE. All About Artificial Insemination. How It's Done. The $2,000 Black Market on Babies. Test Tube Babies. Latest Facts. Husbands for Hire. Fathers by Proxy, and a Condensation of Facts Everyone Wants to Know.
Book (Haldeman-Julius Publications, Girard, KS: 1947.)
MS Depot MSD Mouse Pad Semen Denisko 2 Customized Desktop Laptop Gaming Mousepads
Office Product (MS Depot)
  • Design & Printed In the USA Manufactured by MSD Mousepad. Measuring 9 7/8 inch (250mm) x 7 7/8 inch (200mm) x 1/16 inch (2mm)
  • This mouse pad uses high density natural processed foam rubber material to ensure waterproof, ease to clean, long lasting and recyclable
  • Custom made to order. We accept DIY designs! Please send us a picture attachment through Amazon messages before purchase and we will custom design for you
  • Thousands of images available & Updated Daily! Please search our Amazon Storefront MSD Mousepad for more designs!
  • Attention: Original Product is from MSD Mousepad. MSD Mousepad Cannot guarantees the quality of Mouse pad if purchased from other sellers. Please be aware!
Siemens -HI Siemens S2020B1100P 20 Space 20 Circuit 100 Amp Main Breaker Indoor Load Center Value Pack
Home Improvement (Siemens -HI)
  • Includes an S2020B1100P load center
  • Includes three Q120 and one Q230 breakers
  • Aluminum bus bars
  • Combination surface/flush mount cover
Aircool Men's Suede Classic Sneakersr chocolate Size US8
  • Imported
  • Suede
  • Slip-resistant
  • Rubber sole
  • Lace-Up and two-eyelet
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