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Various forms of Biotechnology

- Teaching methods, assessment, general skills outcomes and content.

Teaching methods

Lectures, tutorials, Web Based Unit Presence.


1 Tests and/or Mid-semester Exam (30-40%) (Individual)
2 Assignments and/or oral presentation (20-30%) (Individual or group)
3 Final examination (35-45%) (Individual)

General skills outcomes

Students will be provided with feedback during the assessment for this unit of study on their progress in attaining the following generic skills:
* analysis skills,
* problem solving skills,
* communications skills,
* ability to work independently


Content will vary according to modern trends in biotechnology and is expected to include:

  • Heavy metals, organic chemicals and other pollutants, their effects on living organisms and ecological cycles.
  • Application of plant biotechnology (e.g. phytoremediation) and microbial biotechnology (biosorption, biosensors) for detection and control of chemical pollutants.
  • Identification and development of new sources for enhanced food production under suboptimal conditions, e.g. salinity, drought or disease tolerant plants.
  • Environmental microbiology and the interaction of microbiological organisms with soil and clay.
  • Biopolymers and biodegradable materials.
  • Biofuels, renewable energy: sources, developments, limitations, future trends.
  • Potential environmental effects of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) on the environment.
  • Ethical, moral, scientific and social considerations of environmental issues and their solutions using biotechnology.

Study resources

- Reading materials and recommended reading.

Reading materials

Selected Web Resources. Lecture notes (provided via Blackboard)

Recommended reading

Glick, BR & Pasternak, JJ, Molecular Biotechnology, 3rd edn, ASM Press, 2003. Research papers on specific topics, available through library databases and various internet search engines.

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